Thursday, April 25, 2013

United Make Up Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) Grand Launch!

So, it seems as if it was just yesterday when I met with fellow Pro Make Up Artists, Kookie Sandejas and Chiqui Dingcong over coffee somewhere in Katipunan and talked about how we dreamt of having an organization for Make Up Artists locally, much like how it works in the US/UK.

We wanted an organization where we can have fun and network with fellow MUAs, a place where senior make up artists and newbies converge, something that will be able to help uplift this profession that we are so passionate about. An oganization that will be the voice, if not all, of most practicing Pro MUAs in the industry.

It was kind of a far fetched idea back then but I remember how excited the 3 of us were. But I think what surprised us the most is that it was not just the 3 of us. There were/are a lot of Pro MUAs who were looking for the same thing! And 6 months after that fateful meeting, United Make Up Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) will be having its Grand Launch with over a hundred members with very diverse backgrounds!

This event, happening tomorrow at Robinsons Magnolia which will start at 6pm, wouldn't be made possible without the tremendous help and effort and generosity of all of our members! I am just so proud of them! Also, UMAP deeply appreciates all the sponsors who trusted us and took the time, money and effort to help make this a reality!

The launch will be a fashion show which will have 3 segments courtesy of Bayo for Casual attire, Kat Corpus for Bridal and Kim Gan for Avant Garde. All hair and makeups will be done by UMAP members to showcase our talents. Neat, right?

Excited and nervous. We all are. Hope to see you there!


Vanessa Mercado said...

Great post! I hope you visit my blog sometimes. :) Thanks! I'm your new follower! Kisses from VV!!

riccaoh said...


Can you please tell me how i can join?

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post that you've shared with us. I do salute Make up artist Philippines.

Diana Cummings said...

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