Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Project: Lip Palette

So, last Saturday afternoon I dropped by the National Bookstore in Trinoma to buy hubs some of the things he needed for the car. Might sound a weird place to be looking, but he needed some glue gun sticks and double adhesives for the dash shield. As I was strolling the aisles, I saw this cute watercolor palette and had a "what if" idea. I thought of buying 3, but decided to just buy one for now and see how it will pan out (literally :P).

Presenting my DIY Project: My Personal Lip Palette! LOL

things to be murdered, I mean, experimented on

What you will need:

12 lipcolors/lipsticks
watercolor palette
tissue (not in the photo)

First, you would need to empty out the the watercolor palette. You can simply let water run through it until it dissolves all the colors out, however to save on water, I decided to use my spatula to remove most of the color until just a little is left. Then I let the water run through it to clean out any leftovers and washed it with soap and water. Let the palette dry.

When the palette is all clean and dry, you can then reach out for your lipsticks one by one and cut through them a little at a time (again, using my spatula) and carefully transfer to the emptied palette. Since this is my first time to do this, I opted to do this on my NYXs because (a) it wouldn't be hard to cut through them since they are just super soft to start with (no need to microwave and all) and (b) they are inexpensive, that should there be any errors of wastage, it wouldn't hurt at all. 

Now, as I transfer the lippies one at a time, I also removed each of their top label and attached them at the back of the palette so I'd still know what shade they are. 

And after about 10-15 minutes....TADA! :)

my very own lip palette!

cute, right?

I've got 12 colors in here

the labels...oops, I accidentally tore the last one
*the last 2 btw, is from EB

each palette filled and I still have some left on my lipsticks

This is my personal palette as I have never used these on clients simply because of their staying power. Still, I like their colors. And I think I have been pretty much successful here, don't you think? Will buy another 2 palettes for my clients, that way I wouldn't have to carry too many tubes. Saves space AND my shoulder.

There you have it Ladies, I hope you enjoyed my simple project! I enjoyed doing this so much I'm thinking of doing more DIY projects. But what to do next? Hmmm....

Toodles for now! :)


Gracey Lliscious said...

may nabibili namang empty palette :-)... at saka pano na ung name sa lipstick, did u put a tag on it too?

jenny07_tm said...

very clever :)more DIY!!

cheweekisses said...

May name pa rin naman sa mismong tube ang mga nyx na lippie. If meron empty pallette then much better. Pero super goodjob to eens. More DIY! Ü

beautylilsecrets said...

@Gracey Lliscious : yup, there is. but who can say no to a P40 palette? plus, i like the idea that I can see the lip colors without having to open it. the tubes still has a label on the sides, at least for the NYXs.

@Jenny07_tm: hey, thanks for dropping by my page! :)

@Cheweekisses: tamuh! hehehe...yep,you can buy an empty lip palette too, but this one lang is so inexpensive. ano kaya pde next noh? hehehe :)

Chriselle Sy said...

I really like this! Ang genius ng idea. P40 for a palette, wow talaga. I think I'll definitely have to try this. :) What lipstick brands do you use on your clients?

Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

beautylilsecrets said...

thanks sis! yeah, super inexpensize talaga. as for lipsticks i use on clients, really depends but i have right now revlon, covergirl, bobbi brown, and kryolan. oh, add to that OCC lip tar, although I haven't used it pa :)

alarillasisters said...

i might try that!

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and we can connect via GFC

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Fantastic tutorial!!!!! What a great idea for lipsticks. I need to take all my NYX ones out to do this too :) And need to find an artist palette like yours :)

Kumiko Mae said...

this is a great idea!!! :D i am thinking of doing the same now... but does a full lipstick really fit that watercolor pan? isnt it a bit shallow? anyway it's still a neat DIY!

beautylilsecrets said...

@ alarillasisters: thanks for visiting my page, and yeah let's connect via gfc :)

@ Rainy Days and Lattes: Thank you! Glad you find this post helpful...I'm pretty sure you can find a watercolor palette like this in any local bookstore :)

@ Kumiko Mae: Hey there! Thanks for liking this post...Nope, I haven't really cleaned out the entire tube of NYX so I still kept them. They still have a label on the sides so I'd still know which shade is which :)

Janet said...

wow!! very nice tips and suggestions..really helpful..thanks for sharing..=)

beautylilsecrets said...

@Janet: glad you found this helpful. oh, and thanks for dropping by my page :D

Penny Kotake said...
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Penny Kotake said...

I now have a project for today. Thanks, eenah! I miss you! :)

beautylilsecrets said...

I miss you too, Penny! Have you made one for yourself na? :)