Thursday, April 25, 2013

United Make Up Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) Grand Launch!

So, it seems as if it was just yesterday when I met with fellow Pro Make Up Artists, Kookie Sandejas and Chiqui Dingcong over coffee somewhere in Katipunan and talked about how we dreamt of having an organization for Make Up Artists locally, much like how it works in the US/UK.

We wanted an organization where we can have fun and network with fellow MUAs, a place where senior make up artists and newbies converge, something that will be able to help uplift this profession that we are so passionate about. An oganization that will be the voice, if not all, of most practicing Pro MUAs in the industry.

It was kind of a far fetched idea back then but I remember how excited the 3 of us were. But I think what surprised us the most is that it was not just the 3 of us. There were/are a lot of Pro MUAs who were looking for the same thing! And 6 months after that fateful meeting, United Make Up Artists of the Philippines (UMAP) will be having its Grand Launch with over a hundred members with very diverse backgrounds!

This event, happening tomorrow at Robinsons Magnolia which will start at 6pm, wouldn't be made possible without the tremendous help and effort and generosity of all of our members! I am just so proud of them! Also, UMAP deeply appreciates all the sponsors who trusted us and took the time, money and effort to help make this a reality!

The launch will be a fashion show which will have 3 segments courtesy of Bayo for Casual attire, Kat Corpus for Bridal and Kim Gan for Avant Garde. All hair and makeups will be done by UMAP members to showcase our talents. Neat, right?

Excited and nervous. We all are. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Hair Color by Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color

I know I haven't really been blogging about hair stuff, but lemme just say it's one of the things I like about myself. Definitely one of my crowning glory, if I may say(claim) so myself. 

In fact, I've sported a lot of different haircuts/ hairstyles before because I love playing and changing my look with it. Pixie cut, full bangs, side-swept bangs, straight black hair, one length, bob cut, shoulder length, you name it I've already done it. There was even a time when rebonded hair was such a craze back then, but I opted to curl my hair and when curly hair was the "in" thing, I decided to have it rebonded. Yeah, I'm a rebel like that at times, teehee!  However, these past few years, I have been consistently maintaining my long and natural wavy hair. I love how I can just pull it up on a bun when I’m in a hurry, or if I do have time, blow dry it to perfectly straight hair but most of all, let it all down in its natural glorious waves! The last one never fails to get a compliment, btw! J

Now since I’m not much into changing my haircut, I tend to change colors every so often. I usually go with dark browns because it’s a safe color and it covers some of my greying hair. I retouch my color, I think every 4-6 months --it definitely gets costly especially when I’m having it done in a salon. But thanks to Tritan Venutures that distributes Novelina Zeelke Hair Color, retouching my current color or even changing it all together is made very affordable.

Yes, before May ended, I got an invite from Tritan Ventures to try out their hair color makeover using Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color. After a couple of email exchanges with them I decided to give it a try. Couldn’t be a more perfect timing because I’m due to retouch my roots anyway.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Simple Everyday Make Up

Is not so simple after all! Hahaha! :P

Even though I am now a Professional Freelance Make Up Artist, I'm not one to go out with a fully made up face on a daily basis. Why? First, because I really do think that make up's primary role is just to accentuate and enhance our best features forward, really. I mean, hey I deal with what I've been given and I think a little somethin somethin here and there is just what I need. Not that I have such flawless and beautiful face to begin with, but because I think our minor flaws can also be that distinct feature that gives character to our face.  Second, my full time office work only requires me to be in the office in front of my laptop 8 hrs a day (I know, b-o-r-i-n-g!) so no one to face except for my teammates. And next, the summer heat is just plain killing me!

In short, I like to keep it easy, fast and simple. So, I present to you my everyday beauty arsenal:

my daily make up buddies: Kryolan, Graftobian, Nurturing Force, Clinique, In2It

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: Nivea Visage Cleansing Milk Make Up Remover

This post has been sitting on my drafts for months now so I'm publishing this tonight before I really really forget all about it :)

As most of you ladies know, once you explore the world of make up, sooner than later you also have to find the best make up remover there is. Not necessarily the most expensive, mind you. But just something that will do the right work for you.  I mean, as we try to find ways and ways to make our beautiful make up lasts as long as it could with primers and use products that are practically water-proof, smudge-proof and even sweat-proof, at the end of the day you'd have to know that your daily facial wash just wouldn't be able to remove all of it for you. And we all know the Golden Rule, right? Never ever sleep with your make up on!

Being a practical person that I am, I was glad when I chance upon this Nivea Visage Sensitive Balance Cleansing Milk make up remover along the beauty aisles of Robinson's Galleria sometime last year.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Avon's ANEW 360° WHITE Protective and Vitalizing Creams

Less than 2 months ago, I got myself a couple of Avon products which included these ANEW 360° White Creams. I was a bit hesitant at first since it will be my first time to try anything from Avon which I will have to  use on my face. I don't like breakouts (who does, right?) but more so when a certain product causes it. But I was also about to ran out of my daily facial moisturizer so I went ahead anyway.

And I'm just glad I did!

Avon's ANEW 360° WHITE Protective and Vitalizing Creams 

Let me say that I have dry combination skin. Meaning, I have an oily t-zone and then dry cheek areas. I don't really mind the oily part since it's not that bad a case, but the dry part I really can't stand! Now add to that the scorchin summer heat! Just major UGH!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Estee Lauder's Beauty Bliss at Shangri-La

How are you ladies?

I've had a lot on my plate since the start of this year that I barely find time to write anything decent here. But I just want to quickly update everyone that the Estee Lauder Group of Companies and its brands will have a temporary pop up store at the 3rd Level Shangri- La Mall beside Figaro and  across Mango store in line with Rustan's Shangri- La's renovation until the end of March.

Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown and ADF will be available there with services, gifts and treats starting tomorrow, February 18th and will even have a photo booth for ladies who would want to capture their beauty bliss pop up beauty store experience!

So, if you have the time for some kikay stuff this weekend, best to drop by...who knows, we might even bump into each other :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Start the Year with Some Love :)

Hey everyone!

Let my first (short) post for the year be about matters of the heart :)

Why I love fireworks :)
My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this month. Amazing how time flies and you stop one day and look back over the things you and your partner have gone through. It hasn't been exactly smooth sailing all the way for us, but we both learned that from our weaknesses in the past we have become strong as we are now. And while we continue to learn and wonder together as I write this, we've learned that the most important thing in a relationship is having God in the center of it all...for we can't do it all on our own.

So, here's a toast to all married people and even those who are in a relationship...May this be the best year yet for us all!

Now that is something that will surely make us glow naturally! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Project: Lip Palette

So, last Saturday afternoon I dropped by the National Bookstore in Trinoma to buy hubs some of the things he needed for the car. Might sound a weird place to be looking, but he needed some glue gun sticks and double adhesives for the dash shield. As I was strolling the aisles, I saw this cute watercolor palette and had a "what if" idea. I thought of buying 3, but decided to just buy one for now and see how it will pan out (literally :P).

Presenting my DIY Project: My Personal Lip Palette! LOL

things to be murdered, I mean, experimented on

What you will need:

12 lipcolors/lipsticks
watercolor palette
tissue (not in the photo)